Friday, July 3, 2009

Christmas In July Sale On Artfire! Maggie McMane Designs


It’s Christmas in July on Artfire, where many sellers are having special sales all in order to help you save time and money! If you are like me, you like to get a handle on Christmas as early as possible. For me, the season is one of great faith and joy. It is also a busy time filling jewelry orders, decorating, traveling to Charleston for a weekend, making Christmas cookies for friends, and taking care of sick kids.

So why wait? Why not start now? Make a list of family members and friends you give gifts to. Figure out at least three items for each person. Three things they would really like to have. Three things you would like to give them. If you need to save money now is not too late to start a Christmas account at your local bank or labeling a money jar for under your bed. Whatever works.

If you have the money now, start your search at from the comfort of your home or work if it’s allowed. Maggie McMane Designs is now having a store wide 20% off sale. Shipping is free for purchases over $100, so please visit if jewelry is on your list.

Don’t stop there. You can find a huge selection of soaps, candles, make up, clothing, scarves, dog outfits, photographs, paintings and more. You will find the Christmas In July Sale by searching for “CIJS” at!


Jennifer said...

Great idea to start thinking about this now! Good luck with your CIJS!!

Maggie McMane Jewelry and Bookmark Designs said...

Thank you so much. Hopefully, we'll all have a great month!