Monday, September 5, 2011

Infinity Jewelry: To Infinity and Beyond!

If you look up the word Infinity in the dictionary, this is what you will find:

in•fin•i•ty  Noun  /inˈfinitē/
1. The state or quality of being infinite.
2. An infinite or very great number or amount.

Okay, so what does infinite mean? Well, it means endless or limitless. What a perfect way to describe your feelings for the one you love. The recent popularity in Infinity Jewelry is quite obvious. Locally, I've received a number of orders to create Infinity Rings and Necklaces as well as a few Bracelets. I've also sold them online and have noted a definite spike in searches for them.

Here are two samples of my Infinity Jewelry, completely handcrafted by me in both Sterling Silver and Fine Silver.

  The Infinity Ring

The Infinity Necklace

              All the jewelry I have listed in my Artfire and Etsy stores are finished and ready to ship today!