Monday, June 22, 2009

Creatures in My Garden

This picture includes some of the creatures inhabiting my garden lately. The Turtle I loved. He arrived one morning and seemed very determined to enter our garage. I’m not quite sure why, but perhaps he likes mess. The Hummingbird Moth was strange at first, but now I love him, too. I took photos of him and then went on Google to discover exactly what kind of Hummingbird he was. Oddly enough, he is a moth that behaves much the same as a hummingbird. He probably suffers from an identity complex or at least, low self esteem.

The birds nesting in our grill wasn’t what I would have chosen for them. After all, I happen to love grilling in the summer. Mama Bird must have found this to be the only available home and so we let her and her chicks stay. We also bought a new grill for Father’s Day. Hopefully, the cousins won’t arrive to nest next year.

Finally, the Japanese Beetles…. I despise it! It has wreaked havoc on the majority of my plants. All I can do is pick them off, one by one, three times a day and hope that I can contain the damage until they leave. I’m not quite sure when that will be, but it can’t be soon enough. I have done some research and discovered they give off some sort of hormone that encourages others to join them. If you have four munching away on a rose bloom, you will find more in an hour. It’s kind of like a party hormone. Put out some chips and dip out and you’ll end up with six people chatting by the bowls. I can’t wait until they leave!!


Jennifer said...

How fun to see your creatures! The turtle is so cute... that would be neat to see one of those in the garden!!

Maggie McMane Jewelry and Bookmark Designs said...

It was really neat and such a shock too. My dog spotted him first. She didn't bark or anything. She just wagged her tail!

DK Miller said...

So cool, I love the hummingbird moth, the birds are cute even if it's a poor choice of home location (well for you, not the birds since you let them stay) :-) and the turtle is adorable. I want a turtle!!

As for the beetles, that sucks! those are not good and I wish you the best in getting rid of them.