Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Day After Earth Day

Today, being the day after Earth Day, I had planned to work in my garden. I needed to divide some hostas and move a Hydrangea bush to another location that was shadier and hopefully more fruitful. I also planted some Hollyhocks in front of a tall hedge, as well as a Bleeding Heart Bulb off to the side. I pulled weeds and shuffled dirt. I turned the soil and added mulch. I did these things with Mother Earth on my mind. I'm quite the Earth Lover. I love all things ... or so I thought.

As I raked away some pine needles, I notice an extremely large worm. I like worms. My garden likes worms. Worms are wonderful. This, however, coiled and attacked my rake. At first, I screamed like a school girl and then, I attacked. Yes, that's right. I attacked and killed a copperhead snake in my side yard. I tried to do it quickly, but the darn tail kept moving. Worms do this, but I didn't know snakes did.

When I was finally through with my awkward attack, (I really hope my neighbors didn't see my uncoordinated flailing.) I scooped up the body and threw it in the woods. Only later, did I think that I might have take a photo of it to show my kids. This, of course, was the day after Earth Day. Sorry, Mother Earth, but it was really icky.

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