Thursday, March 12, 2009

A rare snow day in South Carolina

This snowman was actually born at 10 pm on a Sunday evening. We were in church when the snow began to fall. The drive home was a bit tense because it had been years since I had driven in snow. I actually forgot the sound anti-lock breaks make. Within in an hour or so, the snowflakes were an inch or so wide. I can't recall ever seeing them so large, except the handmade ones children plaster over school windows.

My kids wanted to ensure they would have plenty of new snow to work with in the morning, so they started building "Willy" that night. Snow is so rare here, there was a chance that whatever fell in the dark would be gone with the light. It wasn't. The following morning was amazing and fun. We ended up building another snowman, but he was much smaller and was never named.

Although tilted, Willy lasted for several days. That Sunday night was also a blessing for us. It was a moment in time, when we stood together on the back porch and listened to snowflakes fall.

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